a thesis

Even though I haven't officially chosen my topic here is a thesis statement for one of the topics...

Although perserving cultural ways of life is very important when developing a country, but when cultural practice diminish someones chances of surviving from a preventable disease, these are the times when cultural practices need to be put on the back burner so that the proper healthcare can be distributed. 

I know it is a little rough but I still have an extremely long to-do to accomplish before I see this city again. Less than 24 hours to go. You could say that I am PUMPED!


  1. I like your topic and I can see that a lot can be done with this idea. You may also consider taking your topic more broadly, by determining why focusing on multiple cultures can be harmful to a society. Remember the poster “Unite or Die,” you could possibly use that picture beside a healthcare staff with a snake. Also, here’s a possible way you could write your thesis: “Although preserving one’s culture is important, cultural practices diminish the chances of surviving a preventable disease; these are the times when ethnic traditions need to be put on the back burner so the proper healthcare can be distributed.” Good Luck!

  2. yeah I haven't officialy picked a topic either and thats stressful.

    but thats a cool topic anyway!

  3. Owen's thesis revision flows a little bit smoother, but your thesis is still pretty strong. I'm interested to see where you are going with this. I don't think I agree, but I do concede that no person should ever be denied proper coverage. Excellent.