a formula.

At the moment my formula is a little all over the place which reflects my paper in general. I have a lot of work cut out for me that is for sure!

Here it goes...

1) Intro - Anecdote of some sort.I haven't decided which one I wanted to go with. Either one of people not knowing basic sanitation after a natural disaster in 3rd world countries. Or share a general story of socities not having basic health knowledge.

2) Statement and division of subject - State my thesis and break my essay down into the points I'm going to talk about

3) Narration/ Explanation - Give a short background on what aid is being offered in this area. What has been successful and what hasn't

4) Reasoning/ Arguments - Present the research I found and how that fits in with my thoughts and beliefs on the topic and what needs to be done, how this will solve problems, etc.

5) Pathetic Part - Not quite sure I'll go about this part. I will probably talk about the fact that a lot of deaths that happen in these underdeveloped countries are from preventable diseases and that if they were educated and provided with proper resources the rate wouldn't be so high.

6) Conclusion - Sum everything up.

I can't even contain my excitement for the Hunger Games, it's getting a little out of control. My roommate and I have this video on repeat at the moment. SOOO excited.


Come What May, and Love It.

I am not one who goes around sharing religious videos or anything of that sort, but Elder Wirthlin knows what he is talking about. Love him. Plus, I pretty sure we can apply this to all our lives. I know I can.

Have a great weekend!


the writing research lab.

How was the writing research lab you ask?

It was pretty good.

I had to wait around for a little bit for the guy to be done helping another person. I had learned how to use academic search premier in one of the instruction classes but the guy helped me fine tune my searches which was actually really helpful. He also pointed out many databases that would be helpful for my topic. 

Overall it was good, not amazing but good.

It's the weekend and that is a fact. 

Enjoy it because it is the closet thing we get to a spring break. I'm not bitter one bit.....

If I were to go on spring break I would go party it up in Mexico. Can I get a hooolllllaaaaa? 


5 Sources.

My overall topic is poverty but I am going to focus on Children's health in underdeveloped countries and this is affected by poverty.

1. Unicef.org  - This organization focuses on children in poverty and providing aid for them, so I am able to find a lot of background information on what is being done to help.

2. Academic Journal - Urban Alum Growth and Human Health: A panal Study of Infant and Child Mortality in Less-developed Countries

3. CINDE  - International Center for Education and Human Development, they have done many research projects relating to children in poverty.

4. UN.org - Have many articles pertaining to poverty and want is currently being done to help.

5. Academic Journal - Meeting the Millennium Development Goals in Sub-Saharan Africa: What about Mental Health?

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