5 Sources.

My overall topic is poverty but I am going to focus on Children's health in underdeveloped countries and this is affected by poverty.

1. Unicef.org  - This organization focuses on children in poverty and providing aid for them, so I am able to find a lot of background information on what is being done to help.

2. Academic Journal - Urban Alum Growth and Human Health: A panal Study of Infant and Child Mortality in Less-developed Countries

3. CINDE  - International Center for Education and Human Development, they have done many research projects relating to children in poverty.

4. UN.org - Have many articles pertaining to poverty and want is currently being done to help.

5. Academic Journal - Meeting the Millennium Development Goals in Sub-Saharan Africa: What about Mental Health?

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  1. I like the way your making your topic more specific, good idea! I would kill for some yummy tacos right now!