the writing research lab.

How was the writing research lab you ask?

It was pretty good.

I had to wait around for a little bit for the guy to be done helping another person. I had learned how to use academic search premier in one of the instruction classes but the guy helped me fine tune my searches which was actually really helpful. He also pointed out many databases that would be helpful for my topic. 

Overall it was good, not amazing but good.

It's the weekend and that is a fact. 

Enjoy it because it is the closet thing we get to a spring break. I'm not bitter one bit.....

If I were to go on spring break I would go party it up in Mexico. Can I get a hooolllllaaaaa? 


  1. I would kill to go to a beach like that right now!! At a time like this, I wish I had chosen to go to BYU Hawaii instead.

  2. “The Seashores of Old Mexico!”

  3. Just think! We only have like 5 more weeks of the semester!! That's crazy. Just stick it out then you can run away to some awesome beach for the summer :)

  4. Beaches? Heck no. Asphalt and high banked ovals is where I want to go. I'm so excited to become a motorhead again once I get back home to my car.

  5. I don't really care what I do, as long as it isn't school.

  6. I am fairly bitter that BYU doesn't give us a Spring Break! I need a break so badly right now!

  7. Dude, thats why you just create your own spring break--hence what I'm doing now:)