the end is here.

My thoughts on the issues paper...

I actually really enjoyed writing my paper but the process leading up to it was an absolute struggle. Well first off I switched my topic the week before the paper was due. Probably not the best decision because i was trying to do research and write my paper all at the same time, but once I switched my topic my paper was so much easier to write. So it turned out to be a good thing. The peer edit was good. Going into the writing research lab was pretty helpful. The experience of writing this paper was a pretty good one if I do say myself, but I am glad it is over!

Well that's it for my last blog post...crazy.

Signing off. 


  1. blog posts are over?
    does that mean that after today we don't have to comment anymore?

    1. hahahaha, this commenting junk. Yeesh, it kills me.

  2. I also thought the peer review was extra helpful this time! It really help make my paper better!

  3. Switched your topic? Risky business. PS: Have I ever told you that you both look like Taylor Swift and remind me of her. If not, consider yourself told.

  4. Agreed with the fact that you look like Taylor Swift. And she's gorgeous, so its a compliment. And the peer review really did help!

  5. topic was everything on this paper. If you weren't able to find anything on your topic then you were forced to change. That was definitely a tough part.